What is Dawn® Scoop & Bake?
Dawn® Scoop and Bake range is the easiest solution for outlets to offer freshly bake
-on-premises products to their customers every day. Frozen batters and dough in handy 2 kg cases, just thaw out
what you need for 24 hours in the chiller, ready to literally scoop and bake in the morning – then sell!
With a nice rise and good support for inclusions, DAWN® Scoop & Bake batters are perfect for muffins
and loaf cakes but with a little imagination you can make so much more.


We even have a dedicated brownie batter and chocolate chip cookie dough. Make cookies any size or shape you like by simply scooping out the amount of dough you need and either rolling this into a sausage shape and slicing, or pressing individual amounts into cookie cutters.

The Process
1) Take out of the freezer, leave at room temperature or in the chiller for 24 hours
2) Line trays with baking cases
3) Scoop in batter

4) Sprinkle on toppings if required
5) Bake
6) Ice, decorate or inject for added indulgence
7) Sell!

• Great range of flavours from indulgent to wholegrain
• Uncomplicated – just scoop and bake
• Reliable and consistent – great results every time
• Supplied frozen – for convenient stock management
• Handy packs of 4 x 2kg stackable tubs – for smaller premises with limited facilities and storage space
• Double Chocolate and Vanilla varieties also availible in larger 7 kg pails
• Resealable, tamper proof, food safe packaging
• 9 months frozen shelf life and 8 days chilled

• Something to suit everyone!
• Ready to use product with no mixing or measuring or specialist skills required
• Only thaw what you need
• Top, ice, fill or inject after baking to produce attractive indulgent results
• Delicious fresh home baked results time and time again
• Tempting aromas throughout your premises

Here you find detailed information in our brochure.

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