Dawn Foods Europe 100% RSPO by end 2015


Better ingredients: Dawn Foods Europe 100% RSPO by end 2015

We are proud to announce that by the end of this year we will achieve our 100% RSPO Mass Balance Certified status.

As a company committed to Sustainable Palm Oil, Dawn Foods Europe has been a RSPO member since October 2011. With the achievement of certifying all our plants in Europe to RSPO Mass Balance, you can trust that we are sourcing and selling RSPO certified palm oil standardly in Mass Balance quality and with increasing number of Segregated quality from 2016 on.

We are also very proud that WWF has chosen Dawn Foods Germany for the "WWF Palm Oil Buyers Scorecard" in 2015. The fact that 16 out of 20 points were appointed on this scorecard subscribes our efforts and positive engagement on the usage of sustainable palm fat.

For the future we will continue to look at opportunities to make our production processes, our products and our company more and more sustainable. That is our promise to you: a little bit better every time!

Read more about our RPSO policy.


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